Technology. Dimension. Support.

Safety by Energy Storage

Today everybody is talking about energy storage systems. Due to globalization and energy change politics, the development of efficient storage technologies has been pushed enormously. Consequently the number of vendors of storage technology products has been multiplied.


blue-energy- consulting offers you our service to find the appropriate storage system for your application.

What we can do for You

  1. Independent comparison of different storage technologies
  2. Optimization of your storage system in your  power supply system
  3. Application and operation consultancy
  4. Recycling
  5. Calculation of technical Parameters
  6. Dimension of your storage system acc. to IEC
  7. Preparation of the technical specification acc. to the requirements of your application
  8. Preparation of your technical product and sales documentation
  9. Verification of your suppliers and procuremenet contracts
  10. Quality management
  11. Marketing
  12. Training

Our Proficiency for


  • Support at testing and certification 
  • Preparation of sales documentation 
  • Preparation of technical specification
  • Recycling
  • Workshops


  • Support the choice of the appropriate energy storage system acc. to technical requirements
  • Verification of suppliers acc. to technical and efficiency aspects


  • Calculation of technical parameters 
  • Dimension of storage system acc. to IEC
  • Calculation of efficiency, profitability


  • Preparation of technical documentation
  • Preparation of technical specification for your application  
  • Verification of your suppliers and procurements contracts 
  • Quality management


Our independent Consultancy assures Quality, Reliability and sustainable Cost Reduction!